Why We Should Blame the Media for Trump

this face is soon to be the face of the country. thanks, cnn
A portrait of President-Elect Trump. Posted to Wikimedia Commons by Michael Vadon

The results of the recent presidential election have left a lot of Americans- and indeed, people across the globe- completely befuddled. Many people from both sides of the aisle scoffed when Donald J. Trump first announced his candidacy- and now here we are, trying not to grimace when we hear the phrase President-Elect Trump.

Since the election, Trump’s opponents and critics have been asking: who’s to blame for Trump’s rise to power? A lot of fingers have been pointed. Some at Hilary Clinton for being a less-than-desirable alternative, some at third-party candidates who divided Trump’s opposition, and some at the voters themselves.

All of these may well have been factors, but perhaps the most important factor is the role that the media played in Trump’s campaign.

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Yes, Virtual Experiences Can be Traumatizing

two users interact in Second Life
Two users interact in online game Second Life. Posted to Wikimedia Commons by JWSchmidt.

Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault and contains content which may be disturbing to some readers. Please exercise caution.

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Taylor Swift’s Feud with Apple (and Spotify) and Who Else It Hurts


When Taylor Swift pulled her album 1989 from iTunes, she was doing it to take a stand against Apple’s decision to stop paying royalties to artists. . She faced a similar situation last year when she pulled her music from Spotify “…because she felt that offering music to users for free was a devaluation of the art form.”

Swift was well within her rights to pull her music, of course, but it is important to consider everyone affected by this- everyone, including the fans

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